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When will I receive my keys to the new home?
You will receive the keys to your new home on the day of closing. A few days before the closing day the Escrow Company will invite you to sign all mandatory documents.  It is recommended to have the documents emailed to you for review 24 hour before signing, so that you can raise any questions you have during the signing. This is also the time to bring the cashier’s check with you for the amount of down payment and closing costs.
As soon the Escrow Company confirmed all documents are correct and signed by the seller too, they will ask the lender to fund the purchase. Next steps is to send this transaction to the King County recording office. As soon the recording took place, the Escrow Company will inform all parties and you will receive the keys from me as your buyer’s agent.
What documents I need to provide for a loan application?
Standard documents for the pre-approval would be:
1.    Two months asset statements (checking/savings, 401k, IRA, etc…)
2.    One month paystubs
3.    Most recent 2 years W-2’s & tax returns
4.    12 months verification of paying rent or mortgage payments
5.    Credit report
Check out the video “Get preapproved” here: 
What will happen if the appraisal comes in lower than the contracted purchase price?
The appraisal will be ordered by the lender (and paid by the buyer) if financing is required. The lenders goal is to have a certainty that the purchase price of the transaction is covering the exact value of the loan. In the current sellers’ market many properties are sold over asking price due to the lack of inventory in the market. This could lead to an appraisal lower than the final purchase price. If the   appraisal contingency wasn’t waived before, the buyer has the right to ask for reduction of the purchase price. If seller disagrees, the buyer has another option to challenge the appraisal and ask for re-appraisal. The last option is to walk away from the deal based on buyer’s decision or pay the difference between appraisal and purchase price out of pocket.
Why should I work with you?
If you are looking for a tech savvy, fast and reliable agent who is representing your interest in a home sale or purchase- I’m the one! For you I’ll be available Face2Face, via phone or email also after hours or on the weekends. The experience from my past sales and listings will give you an advantage in making decisions on the right home, right price and through the negotiations process. Personally I like to negotiate and looking for a win- win solution for all parties which makes the process smooth for you. Check out the video “5 reasons to use an agent” here: 
How long will it take to find my new home?
This is totally up to you. Do you want to see 20 homes before making a decision? That’s fine with me. 
My goal is to find you the right home in 2 weeks. The basis would be that we are determining exactly what you are looking for- your needs and your wants. A crucial input would be your price range which should be backed up by a pre-approval by a lender.  Check out the video “Is this too much house for me?” here:  As we are currently in a sellers’ market, as a buyer I can give you direction how to structure your offer to
get it accepted by the seller. So when you are ready, you also get to the finish line within max 30 days till key hand over.
How fast can you sell my home?
Currently we are in a sellers’ market in our area and if the house is presented well, priced based on the comparables and accessible to the buyers – a contract in a multiple offer situation within a few days is most likely. This brings the selling time to approx. 30 days till closing, even fast if the new buyer is paying cash.
Check out the video “3Tips to selling your home” here: 
As a buyer, do I have to pay you commission?
No – isn’t this great? You will get the full representation of a buyer’s agent for free! Though, this is all negotiable, but commonly the buyer’s agent is getting paid by the commission shared by the listing agent. The amount is agreed between the listing agent and the seller – who is funding this eventually.
What is included in the closing costs I have to pay?
Seller and Buyer paying there part of closing costs. As your agent I will provide with an estimate of the closing costs based on the purchase or sale of the property.
Please take a look for details at the document “Guide to customary closing costs” provided by Rainier Title: